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darkshadow316 wrote in paleo_living

Paleo Pre Made meals.

I normally never click on any of the ads on Facebook but about two weeks ago I did. I saw an ad for a Paleo Pre-Cooked meal program based out of Atlanta and figured I would give it a try. In essence, you have a cook in Atlanta who cooks authentic Paleo meals, seals them up in a air tight package , freezes them and mails them to you.

For about $180, I got five meals for three weeks sent to my home. Each meal has a  meat and two sides of veggies.  The reason I decided to go with this route is because I work a 12 hour night shift and if I don't wake up in time to cook my own meals, pack them up to go etc etc, then I have to find something to eat when I am out and about driving around ( I work in law enforcement). 

I figured it boiled down to about $6 a meal, which is what I was paying to get something through whatever drive through I happened to stop by or the meal I usually picked up at Publix ( Chicken salad and carrot salad).  

Anyway, the meals are pretty darn good and the portions are not that bad. I generally get full for a while and generally only snack on fruits and trail mix now. That combined with my Paleo Shake meal replacement I have managed to drop even more weight ( although I have been slacking in the gym department). 

Having done this method and finding it to be a very good way of packaging my meals so they will keep for a while, I am thinking of not paying the $180 to do it again next month and just make a lot of my own meals, use my own food sealer and just make a bunch of meals that way. 

Anyone else have any experience going that route?  Would I be missing out on some key nutrients by not having freshly prepared meals?

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Sounds pretty much like what I do!

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