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H2G2 Best Bang Since the Big Baang!
veriria wrote in paleo_living

Hi all!

How goes it? We've been pretty lazy lately with the Paleo "diet". We haven't started eating bread & grains with abandon, but we haven't been very strict either. So much that my husband has started snoring again! Gotta get back into making better food choices that's for sure. We're also eating out again waaaay too much. We're going to be curbing that as well.

What do you do when you find you've gotten off track with your eating?

Also, I updated the community (for the next two months, at any rate) to be a paid community so there are no annoying ads!

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I have been drinking wine way too often. Like, every night at dinner. I love wine. Love it. I want to drink it all day long. Alas. I'm sure it's what's plateau-ed my losing the last of my baby weight.

I'm just not sure it's worth it.....

Yeeeaaah I know that feel...

Hard Cider is my drink of choice. I've never been into beer at all, but I always favored the hard cider, gin, & rum (not mixed together! haha!). Now I've gotten attached to flavored vodkas as well.

Aside from that my heart rate is still on the lower side (usually around 71 beats per minute; used to be in the pre-hypertensive range), and I'm still sleeping great (when I go to sleep at a normal time!).

My husband has started snoring again very annoyingly however so we're going to try to get more strict in our eating habits. I swear it's all the crap in the diet that makes/made him congested and thats why he snores. For a long time he barely snored at all after we started eating this way.

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