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paleotopian wrote in paleo_living


Hi everyone :-) My husband and I just started a Paleo diet today. I'm looking for some ideas for snacks and quick/easy lunches. Do you have any suggestions? Also, how long after you started this lifestyle did you notice any differences (be it skin, weight, energy, whatever)?

Thank you for information!

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For snacks, I like nuts and dried fruit. Also carrot sticks.

I'm still struggling with lunches myself. I often go to the salad bar near my workplace, or else I just try to cook larger dinners, and take in the leftovers for my lunch the next day.

Thank you :-) I think once we get through the first week, I'll figure out more about what I'm making and all that. Once I really learn what I'm doing (because let's face it--this is an entirely different way of cooking), then I'll be more comfortable playing around with the foods!

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