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Sooo... Anyone wanna give their opinion on what's going on with my stools?

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Paleo proof in the pudding.

Greetings all,
I just wanted to pop on here and say I just some major vindication of switching over to the Paleo Lifestyle. At work we had to do a health and wellness screening because of the increased costs of healthcare.  If we were listed as being at risk ( high cholesterol,overweight etc) we were issued a health and wellness coach.

Well, I have high cholesterol and I am overweight. So, when I met with my coach she had this whole diet worked out for me. I told her flat out, I am sticking with my current Paleo diet as I have been losing a lot of weight with it. Well folks, the proof is in the pudding.


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paleo dinner easy?

what do you make for supper when

1. you are out of a lot of stuff
2. you are tired
3. you really want pizza or pasta or something easy easy and possibly carby

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Looking to write a zine!

I'm thinking of making a zine about my forray into the Paleo/Primal way of eating and what it entails -- and I was wondering if anyone would like to contribute? A story/article of anything Paleo related, your journey, what you eat, how you work out, or heck even artwork if you are so inclined!

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I know ya'll said "add more fat", but...

Well, let me back up just a moment. I purchased a can of organic coconut milk from Whole Foods (among other things) but I also found its non-organic counter part for sale at my local Jewel for approximately the same price, which is nice. I've since been ingesting small amounts of this coconut milk -- in smoothies.

Anyways. I have lost almost 5 pounds in the last 3 days by adding in a smoothie to my daily routine. I previously had a blender (which we rarely used), and I tried it with the first one I made -- the blender kinda sucked for blending!  So I purchased the small, portable-cup blender by Hamilton Beach, recommended by Primal Toad.of It worked out fabulously today before work too, having the blender turn into a portable cup! I drank my smoothie the entire morning up until about 6:30 (I leave for work at 4:30). It is now after 8 am and I'm just starting to feel some hunger pangs!

What was in my smoothie this morning, you ask?

2 frozen and 1 room temperature bananas
several strawberries
20 or so blueberries
2 tbsp whey protein isolate (grass fed)
1 splash of cranberry kombucha
1 tbsp (approximately) coconut milk
1 cup fresh baby spinach

I found a nice little tip online for preserving your coconut milk for later use. I thought it would be wasted after a few days, but someone suggested pouring it into an ice cube tray and then storing in the freezer! What a wonderful idea, I just feel dumb for not thinking of it myself.

Anyhoo, I was teetering at the 153 mark, and yesterday morning I was at 148.8 pounds.  This morning I was at 149.4, but I don't really count it because of the interrupted sleep (waking up soooo early for work!).

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Are cooking oils toxic?

I've just been reading this lady's 30 days of Paleo journal, and she mentions she started using only butter to cook in, instead of oils.  She says that basically all oils are toxic to cook with.  I've been using olive oil to cook some things in (like eggs) although sometimes I use butter, mainly for the taste.

What do you cook your food in?

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Paleo Problems

So. I don't think I'm eating enough carbs. The sad part about that is, I've always disliked fruits. I had a ginormous salad from Boston Market yesterday with a side of vegetables. Yeah, I'm sure soy dominated the dressings/veggie oils, but I was being lazy and didn't want to cook for myself.  Anyhoo! I ate that around 4:30-ish in the PM, and wasn't hungry the rest of the night. I made my food for work and nibbled a very little bit, but didn't eat because again I wasn't very hungry.  I wonder now, if I should have eaten something small anyways.

I carb crashed HARD today (I think). It may be related to my period, which I'm just about over with for the month, but damn I haven't had a carb-whatever like this, I don't think at all.  I just CRAVED carbs, and sadly I didn't bring much of my own carb-laden food with me to work (this is my 17+ hour work trip, too, and remember that I work onboard Amtr@k trains!).

I've been reading a former vegan's 30-day trial of being on a modified Paleo diet, at  It is very interesting! I'm on day 15 so far.

Her talking so much about smoothies has got me really interested. I don't normally like fruit but I'm willing to try some smoothies. I'm not going to pay for her recipe book when I'm sure that tons abound online -- or better yet, perhaps some of you have tried and true recipes you can share?

Either way, I don't think pure-Paleo is quite right for my body. Time for experimentation! Totally not saying I'll be adding grains or legumes or anything back into my diet -- my blood pressure was 113 over 76 last time I checked it. That is sooo much better compared to when I was pre-hypertensive a few years ago (138 over like 90 or something when my mom checked it).

I have a blender already at home, so all I need are a few ingredients (and recipes of course). I shall report back when I've tried some out!

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Food for 17+ hour work day tomorrow!

Food for work tomorrow (17+ hour work day :| )

-2 egg omelet with red pepper flakes, very small sprinkling of sharp cheddar & Parmesan cheeses
-steamed broccoli!
-berries (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry)
-baby carrots
-romaine & baby spinach salad + random veggies (and soy based/conventional salad dressing :/ good news is I've found a recipe for a paleo-approved recipe I'd like to try to make on my next days off! trying to get away from all soy-based products)
-grass fed & finished beef burgers, used a bit of real butter to pan-fry
-large romaine leaves for "sandwiches" = nitrite/nitrate free turkey breast, non-soy based mayo, & pepperjack cheese!
-hot sauce to dip both carrots & broccoli into (SOOOO freaking good!)
-2 Lara bars & 72% cacao chocolate bars JUST IN CASE of cravings and/or busy times and I'm unable to ignore food cravings and heat or eat any of the above.

o rly? Blarggg!

Raw Honey

I went to a craft fair back in December or early January, and there was guy there selling handmade soap (which I just LOVE!) and also locally made raw honey.  I'm not sure if he made both or was just selling either on behalf of someone, but that's not the point.  The point is I've never liked the way honey tasted -- or other things, like very dark chocolate -- until I started the paleo/primal way of eating.  Even conventional honey tastes good to me, but this raw honey is great, as is this other bottle of organic honey I purchased from a different store.  Now, the reason this little post came about is because I saw the raw honey bottle in the frige.  I actually forgot it was in there (hence why I purchased the organic honey from a conventional store).  So I decided to look honey up on the internet because this raw honey didn't look like honey -- it looked sort of crystallized and rather like wax XD

Anyhoo, honey is pretty awesome.  It can last literally centuries in the right conditions! 

I don't eat honey every day, but I keep stuff like the honey, dark chocolate squares, and Larabars on hand -- especially when at work on the trains! -- so I am not enticed into eating crap.  Mainly at work, this happens, because I am the faux-bartender onboard Amtr@k trains.  When it is really busy, it is far too easy to grab a Twix candy bar (king sized, naturally) off of the counter and shove it into my face.  At least with the Larabars or dark chocolate squares, I get my craving fix and/or need for food FAST without compromising my diet much.  Intermittent fasting isn't really something I can do at work, because I lift a few hundred pounds of stuff onto the trains before and after my run, as well as being on my feet pretty much the entire time, all while trying to make food AND try to keep my balance :)

Help! Help!  Repressed!

Blogging about Paleo Can Get You Shut Down (in NC)

"The state of North Carolina has its own "Board of Dietetics and Nutrition"--of course it does--and it has decided that one bloggers right to free speech ends where the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition's officious overbearingness begins, as I think Oliver Wendell Holmes (or was it Oliver Wendell Douglas?) once wrote."

Bah XD  This really sucks for this blogger!


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